Building Dynagraph on Unix

At present, Dynagraph does not support the GNU "mega-tools," i.e. automake, autoconf, etc. (Yes, it once did, as part of Graphviz. But Gordon finds these tools incomprehensible, so he does not maintain that system—yet. Any help appreciated.)

Instead, Dynagraph can be built with classic make. Here are instructions:

  1. Download Dynagraph and Graphviz (1.7 or greater)
  2. In the graphviz directory:
    1. run configure
    2. run make && sudo make install from the graphviz directory or just in the following subdirectories:
      • lib/cdt
      • lib/cgraph
      • lib/pathplan.
  3. In the dynagraph directory, configure the build using Config.mk:
    • Set ARCH to match your platform, one of those in the makearch/ directory, e.g. linux.i386 or osx
    • If you are installed Graphviz to a non-standard directory, modify the values of GRAPHVIZ_LIB and GRAPHVIZ_INC.
  4. Run configure.old
  5. Run make.

Comments? Improvements? Please contact me.